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Ann Williams

Bracelets de charme bricolage artisanaux

In this kit, compose up to 4 different bracelets, decorated with emojis, pastries, rainbows etc...

Download the pdf:

annWilliams Craft-tastic DIY Charm Bracelets.jpg

Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns Kit

Kit allowing children to make various accessories in the world of unicorns, all in an artisanal and accessible way.

annWilliams unicorn.jpg

Loop De Loom

A real weaving loom, it allows children to easily make all kinds of things! Handbags, baskets, scarves, etc.

Download the pdf:

annWilliams loom.jpg

Loop De Doo

A real loom, it allows children to easily make the bracelets of their dreams! They can add patterns, beads and other accessories to it.

Download the pdf:

annWilliams loop de doo.jpg
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