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We specialize in the study of networking, telemetry, surveillance, optics, AI and monitoring
From Sensors to Analytics

The multidisciplinarity of the team makes it possible to enrich sensor physics upstream and to process downstream through electronics and software integrating networking, telemetry and monitoring.



Smart Buildings and Smart Industry

NXGate is an industrial gateway for the interconnection of industrial and building networks (KNX).

Heterogeneous Data Source Acquisition Engine  (HDSAW) is a protocol agent-oriented middleware to converge industrial IoT data and networks to SQL server and database standards.

Embedded Wireless Telemetry Systems  (EWTS) is an energy monitoring and telemetry system. Based from this technology, we developed Educ'Grid, the world's first energy metering system for education. This system collects data from wireless transmitters into a database, and makes it available to an internet session. It provides remote access to water, electricity and gas consumption at the scale of a building. Educ'Grid monitors all types of energy consumption and educates kids on energy metering technologies through an intelligent communication system.  

AI-TECHCLOUD / TECHCORE-iNode  combines real-time and historical IoT data. It is developed using multidimensional AI architecture to expose hidden data to optimize forecasts. 



Security and Access Control

Spirit  is an ultra-low-power detection and geolocation solution based on passive infrared detection by a Fresnel lens array. This patented locator-detector allows to monitor an angular sector of 60 ° at a distance of 40m. Coupled with a camera, this system makes it possible to locate and track a target or a group of individuals automatically.

VisioTrack  is an artificial vision algorithm for target tracking. It allows to control a camera to follow a deformable target without knowledge a priori from a motorized camera. Couple with other sensors, this algorithm presents exceptional performances with the compared techniques (filtering, NSFM, CamShift ...).

Cognitive Sensor  is a technology aimed at detecting fire starts or intrusions in a complex environment. 



Robotics, AI and multi-physics systems

Audio Vision  is a research project to visualize sound waves and make holographic recordings. It uses a matrix of synchronized microphones and three-dimensional reconstruction software that allow to visualize on a screen the propagation of sound waves through a surface or a volume.

Eolys is a research project to robotize a vertical axis wind turbine using an original principle of optimizing its efficiency by controlling the angle of incidence of the blades by a simple measurement of deformation of the support arms. This intelligent control, with a non-linear control of the synchronous machine connected to the central shaft producing the electricy, makes it possible to considerably increase the efficiency of these wind turbines.


IA-TECHCore  is a new project in collaboration with major industriall players and R&D laboratories. This project aims ate developing a new generation of platform for universal IOT sensors able to locally perform a complex semantic processing resulting from the data fusion to the using artificial intelligence methods such as convolutional neural networks and arranged in new chips. 

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