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AI Operator for Environmental Monitoring
We improve decision-making by understanding strategic environmental information.


Reveal hidden data and optimize forecasts.

AI-TECHCLOUD uses multi-dimensional AI architectures, combining real-time and historical IoT data.

This ultra-low-power IoT platform is able to collect, merge and analyze real-time terrain data for long-distance wireless transmission to an Edge Router. 

The wireless network technology is more efficient than the LoRa standard in terms of range and throughput (polymorphous topology). The Edge Router is interoperable with industry standards.

Project Status: prototypes available - integration and ongoing testing at University of REIMS, CENTRALE / SUPELEC.

Deployment architecture.


Examples of fields of application.


Smart Agriculture

Disease detection & forecast

Irrigation & treatment optimization

Sewage and waste management


Smart city

Early flood and natural risk detection

Pipeline and sewage fault detection

Water and air quality


Smart Tourism

Biodiversity preservation

Water quality analysis

Site valorization


Smart Education

En-STEM curriculum for middle and high-schools

Research collaboration

Smart IoT development & sponsorship


Ultra-low-power detection and geolocation system.

SPIRIT is an ultra-low-power detection and geolocation solution based on passive infrared detection by a Fresnel lens matrix. This patented locator-detector makes it possible to monitor an angular sector of 60 ° at a distance of 40m. Coupled with camera, this system makes it possible to locate and track a target or a group of individuals automatically.

Deployment architecture.

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